In the Arms of Some Wingless Miracle

by David Lindstrom

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released 01 July 2012



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Track Name: Hearts Have Eyes
are you what spills the banks of my most childlike dreams
what is spoken of in fairy tales on tv screens
or are you simply just what I would want you to be
the product of a lonely mind latching itself to everything it sees

I don't want to be so easy to please
I don't want to give in so casually
Track Name: A Different Smell
I moved into my new house just started to unpack
when I heard a strangers voice past tenants filled the cracks

in the walls

and there's indentions in the sheets
where his body used to sleep
his smell on the bed
where he used to rest his head

i hope he leaves

but in his limp embrace you'll find
some misguided peace of mind
as I taste rain drops from your skin
and you are pulling me

into a place that shouldn't exist
that wraps around your thoughts and twists
your arm as its pulling you down

into a place that shouldn't exist
because nothing good will come of this
just keep laughing
Track Name: The Tallest Tree
I'll stare as your eyes wash your face
of the last five years that brought you to this place
out in the woods under the tallest tree
your toes brushing the fallen leaves
their colors melting to the ground
your pounding heart the only sound

I'll hear
out here

now you know dear how hard it is giving up starting over
now your head hangs heavy and watches your feet
as they step you away from where you thought you'd like to be
five years ago

the sun melts your head in its rays
taking you back to those wonderful golden old days
when you were young in such a pleasant way
he'd mold your future like its clay
then coddle you beneath his wing
a perfect past the only thing

I'll fear
out here
Track Name: Where Wings Meet
sweet and soothing soft and cooling
falling from the angels proving
I could never hear your voice in such a fragile way

sour seeding hard and bleeding
lifting as the flames are heating
I could never bring myself to think I had a say

savory sifting wet and dripping
drooling from the mountains gripping
every single word that I could spit within a day

bitter biting tall and frightening
growing in the nightless lightning
you could never bring yourself to ever make him pay

and we will come together where your wings meet
and cave in on themselves between blankets and sheets
how those seconds would stain in the back of my memory
my words in your mouth and the strings rubbing ebony
melting the rings that would fall from your fingers
while bed choirs call with their sirin-like singers
we'd laugh at the prospect tear up at the truth
burning autographs into each others skin

you will keep me standing by
as your life it goes awry

stupid boy just compromise
she will keep you at her side

do you remember people places
hiding in the cobwebbed cases
and everyone would think we're numb except for me and you

but now we're picking at our flowers
meeting in the after hours
looking at our life as though it were just born a new

we will find we are not able
to attach a fitting label
onto all these moments when we're tangled up in eachother
Track Name: A Glass Future
your dreams paint pictures of the future that cover up the past
but you're always so damn restless

knowing the futures made of glass you see right through
to feelings of what once were all you knew
now shattered on the floor closing the door just something you can't do

and so you run away from what you say
was only a mistake you know you've made
a thousand times before you lost the war but I'm the one who paid

I will become something else when it's done
I will regret everything once I'm gone

You're a slave to your temptations you're far to weak to have to wait
You're pulling levers spinning dials hoping luck will change your fate

You just try to keep your head on strait
hope for better days
with showerings of children and wealth

let your conscience in
and you're bound to sin
just to prove that you can't trust yourself

I'm trying to sleep
can't we shut up
roll down our sleeves
stop acting tough

I'm trying to rest
can't you shut up
my mind is full
I've had enough

I know the futures made of glass I see right through
to feelings of what once was all I knew
now shattered on the floor closing the door just something I can't do

and so I run away from what I say
was only a mistake I know I've made
a thousand times before I lost the war and now it's time to pay

now it's time to pay
Track Name: The Next Year
I'll close my eyes and feel
your fevered breath on my ear
gentle and honest you
whisper words I would love to hear

but this is only a dream

and in that dream I'll plow my callous fingers through your hair
and you will stare into the holes within my eyes
and how you will pull out phantom words that only you can hear
fishing my heart and mind but landing only lies

but this is only in a dream

because now all our love is in the arms of some wingless miracle
buried in earth within the cold and naked night
still pieces parade in the peripherals of my mind
blinding my judgement with their slowly fading light

I'll close my eyes and feel
your fevered breath on my ear
gentle and honest you
whisper words I would love to hear

but this is only in a dream
it is only in my sleep
when you close your eyes and come to me